Indoor and Outdoor • Live or Kill

Trap mice outdoor before they enter your house. Protect buildings by placing a trap every 50 feet along the perimeter of the foundation. Place it near RV tires, hot tubs and sheds. 

Trap mice for months at a time. Great for times when you can’t be there to check on the traps such as during RV or cottage storage. The only mouse trap with a built in filter system for dead mouse smell. 

Trap mice in your basement, attic, garage, crawl space and inside laundry sink cabinets. The mouse trap can also go inside pantries, kitchens and bathrooms. Put the mouse the trap in your shed, office, shop, tractor, boat and collector car. 

Important Notice

It is important to have interior traps set to trap any mice before they get established. An all out mouse infestation can happen in just a couple of weeks. Put the mouse trap anywhere you have noticed signs of rodent activity before. Rodents will often frequent the same areas. Multiple traps are needed to protect large areas. 


The Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap works very well at trapping mice and is the only trap of its kind that can trap for extended periods. Amazingly, the trap can go as long as 6 months before needing a replacement filter. Factors that would reduce the length of time between emptying and replacing the filter are the amount of mice caught in the trap and hot summer temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the trap can go for a few months catching a dozen mice without noticing any smell. Although the trap can continue trapping for long periods without emptying, we recommend emptying the trap as soon as captures have been made, if it is not at a remote location difficult to get to such as a stored RV or a closed up cottage.