The Invention

How did the amazing “Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap” come to be? John, a family man, had a unique problem. Living on a large farm acreage near fields and forests presented a problem with the family swimming pool. Every few days the family would discover a mouse had fallen into the pool and drowned. At first everyone was freaking out, super chlorinating the pool and disposing of the mice. Emptying the skimming trap of the drowned mice quickly became a common part of owning a pool. While John was trying to find a solution to keeping mice out of his pool an idea came to mind. He thought, “If the pool is so effective at catching mice, why not use that idea to trap mice around the home?” And the journey to building a better mouse trap had begun.

A very unique situation brought about the best mouse trap ever invented. 

John was already an inventor. He invented ‘Mouse Free’. Mouse Free is a spray coating that creates a barrier on the undercarriage of RVs, tractors, cars and trailers that mice cannot get through. Mouse Free keeps mice out. Although it is great at keeping them out, it didn’t help for mice already inside. Mouse Free customers would ask him, “What is the best way to catch mice?” The common answer was “peanut butter on a snap trap”. They work pretty good, or an alternative would be a sticky trap. But the customer would say “That is no good, because we are storing our RV for a few months and with nobody around to empty the traps it will be a really smelly mess when we finally get back to check on the traps.” John realized his new ‘Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap’ would not only have to catch mice, but it would also need a filter to minimize any dead rodent smell while trapping for extended periods of time.

Research, testing and trial and error.

John quickly realized the internet is full of “do it yourself bucket mouse traps”. He made and tested them, each one taking at least a couple of hours to make. He found that many variables would greatly change the ability of the trap to work. Variables such as: weight of roller, spin sensitivity, distance to roller and even something as simple as the type of material the ramp was made out of, all made a huge difference in the trap’s ability to work. The other glaring problem in his mind was that all of these 5 gallon mouse bucket traps on the internet did not have a lid and are filled with water which is very dangerous. As a father, he immediately realized the potential of a drowning hazard to toddlers with an open lid. Never mind the potential for pets, such as cats and dogs falling in.

Take your time and get it right!

John made a list of things that cannot be comprised in his new mouse trap:

  • The mouse trap must self-reset. Meaning it will catch a mouse and immediately be ready to catch another mouse.
  • The mouse trap must have a filter allowing it to trap with nobody around to empty it, even for months at a time. This was a tough one, but we did it!
  • The mouse trap must work indoors and outdoors.
  • The mouse trap must be small enough to put into cabinets, under decks, along house perimeters near the foundation on the exterior. The trap needs to work near pools, hot tubs, tractors and RVs.
  • The mouse trap must be safe, easy and humane with the choice to trap live or kill.

The Result - A Mouse Trap Like No Other!

The Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap is a simple, effective trap that works indoors and outdoors and can catch dozens of mice for months at a time without the need for emptying. No other trap comes close. It truly is the world’s best mouse trap.

The Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap - A drop in the bucket is the #1 Mouse Bucket Trap.