The #1 Mouse Bucket Trap.
Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap
The Kick The Bucket Mouse Trap is a simple, effective trap that works indoors and outdoors and can catch dozens of mice for months at a time without the need for emptying. No other trap comes close. It truly is the world’s best mouse trap.
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• Indoor and Outdoor

• Live or Kill

• Trap mice outdoor before they enter your house. Protect buildings by placing a trap every 50 feet along the perimeter of the foundation.

• Place it near RV tires, hot tubs and sheds. 
Trap mice for months at a time.

• Great for times when you can’t be there to check on the traps such as during RV or cottage storage.

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• The only mouse trap with a built in filter system for dead mouse smell. 

• Trap mice in your basement, attic, garage, crawl space and inside laundry sink cabinets.

• The mouse trap can also go inside pantries, kitchens and bathrooms.

• Put the mouse the trap in your shed, office, shop, tractor, boat and collector car. 

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